Q. What is a cube camera? What is the technology of cube camera?
A. Cube cameras are ideal for Home CCTV and other similar indoor IP CCTV applications where cost-effective indoor CCTV monitoring with remote access is required. Cube cameras are IP based cameras.

Q. What cube camera variants are available with us?
A. Currently, there are 3 entry-level variants of cube camera available with us:
1 MP Cube Cam – Model: OWC-W01-I20A6L36CH04 (1800 view angle)
2 MP cube Cam – Model: OWC-C02-I20L144F (1800 view angle)
2 MP cube Cam – Model: OWC-C03-I20L144F (3600 view angle)

Q. what are the key features of cube camera?
A. Some of the key features of the cube cameras are:
• HD resolution
• Panoramic view
• Wi-Fi enabled
• Micro SD card up to 64 GB
• IR / day-night vision
• Smartphone support
• 2-way audio

Q. Can I connect SD card directly to the cube camera? What type? What capacity?
A. Yes, only micro SD card can be connected to the cube camera of up to 64GB capacity.

Q. Which brands of SD cards are compatible with the Cube cameras?
A. Sony, Samsung and Hitachi Micro SD cards have been tested and found compatible with the current models of IP cameras.

Q. What is the power requirement of the IP Camera? How do I supply power to the IP camera?
A. The IP camera power requirement is 5VDC, 1.5 Amp (micro USB). The power is supplied to the camera by the adaptor (given along with the IP Camera).

Q. Can the customer use another adaptor of same voltage?
A. Would recommend using the adaptor provided with the camera- as the same has been tested and found to be in compliance with the particular model.

Q. Are there any pre-requisites for a cube camera?
A. The pre-requisites for cube camera are–
1. Steady Wi-Fi connection
2. Continuous Power supply – 5VDC, 1.5 Amp

Q. How can I view the feed from the cube camera?
A. The feed from the cube cameras can be accessed wirelessly (Wi-Fi) through a router, on the PC, Laptop, tablet and Smartphone via the application.

Q. What are the interfaces of the cube camera?
• Power interface – 5VDC, 1.5 Amp(micro USB)
• Micro SD Card Slot (up to 64 GB)
• Reset port
• In-built microphone & Speaker (for 2 way communication)

Q. Is there a provision for connecting the cube camera with a sim card? Can the camera be connected to 4G/3G?
A. No. the camera can be connected wirelessly (Wi-Fi only).

Q. What is the viewing angle for the cube camera?
A. The cube camera offers a broad range / panoramic view. We have two variants which offer 180-degree & 360-degree panoramic view.

Q. Does the cube camera have I/R function? What is the range?
A. Yes, the cube cameras come with the IR/ Day-night view. The range of the IR is up to 10 meters.

Q. Is remote viewing on mobile possible- Android & iOS smartphones?
A. Yes, remote viewing on the mobile phone is possible through the mobile application. The mobile application is available for both Android and iOS.
Name of the application is V380S and can be downloaded from the Play store / App store.

Q. How to configure the cube camera?
A. The camera can be configured via the mobile application through android/apple – tablet/Smartphone.

Q. After installation of the Mobile application, what is the process of configuration?
A. The user will need to follow these steps for configuration:
1. Power on the cube camera
2. Once turned on, a voice prompt will indicate “Access point established”
3. The connection to access point can be established via Mobile phone. Turn on the mobile phone and search for the available Wi-Fi networks.
4. The cube camera AP name will be displayed as “MVXXXX”. Connect to the same, no password required for the same.
5. Open the mobile application (V380S) and add the new device following the AP quick configuration option.
6. Once the camera has been connected, the user can change the configuration/settings in the following menu.

Q. How to configure the cube camera for remote viewing? How can the user access the cube camera remotely?
A. Once the camera is connected to the AP mode (Access point) on the mobile phone. Follow these steps:
1. Go to settings
2. from there go to network settings
3. Select station mode and search for the available Wi-Fi networks
4. Connect to the router Wi-Fi
5. Once connected, the feed from the camera can be viewed online through the device via the application.


Q. When the camera is restarted (power is reset) and there is no Wi-Fi connection, the date and time are also reset to factory default. Is there any solution for this problem?
A. These cube cameras are the basic/entry level models and do not have an RTC/BIOS to store the date and time. These cameras pick up date and time from the Wi-Fi network. In case of power outage, the cameras will seek date and time update from the Wi-Fi network. In the case Wi-Fi connectivity is not there, these cameras will take a default date and time (factory setting default) and start recording. For smooth running of the cameras, continuous Wi-Fi connectivity is important.
We will soon be launching our mid-end series of Wi-Fi cube cams which will have RTC/BIOS to store date and time.

Q. Sometimes the camera does not searches /detects Wi-Fi network (while configuring) what is to be done?
A. In case the camera is not searching the Wi-Fi network, reset the camera by gently inserting a small pin in the reset hole.

Q. Memory card inserted in the camera has not been detected, what is to be done?
A. In case the micro SD card is not getting detected by the camera-
1. Format the micro SD card from pc or phone.
2. Insert the formatted Micro SD card in the camera and check again.
3. Factory reset the camera by gently inserting a small pin in the reset hole.
Micro SD cards of Samsung, Sony and Hitachi have been tested and found to be compatible with the cube cameras.

Q. The audio from the camera is not detectable. What is to be done?
A. In case the audio from the camera is not detected, reset the camera by gently inserting a small pin in the reset hole.

Q. Sometimes the mobile app shows the camera is offline, whereas the camera is online, what seems to be the problem?
A. Please check that the network connection – both cube camera and mobile phone should be connected to the internet.

Q. How can the users view the feed from the cube camera on PC/ Laptop?
A. Once the camera is online, the user can access it through the cloud ID and the CMS software installed on the PC/Laptop.

Q. Can the camera be provided power via USB, though Laptop or PC?
A. No, the PC/Laptop USB port has 0.5 Amp power supply. The camera will have to be powered by the adaptor only or any other micro USB port since it requires 5V DC with 1.5 Amp power supply.

Q. Sometimes camera doesn’t connect properly with router on Wi-Fi. What is to be done?
A. This is due to the DHCP mode of the camera. To provide a local static ip to the camera, follow the below instructions:
Go to Set>>> Static IP configuration>>> enable “Manual configuration” and provide a static local ip manually within the series of router ip as follows:

Q. Sometimes getting problem to see camera online on V380s app. What is to be done?
A. New version of App has been released on play store i.e. V380 pro, this will solve this problem.
Also, the new desktop software is now available. You can download from the below link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p784z4pkf164jxo/V380%20PC%20client.exe?dl=0